Send Messages on Mobile Social Chat Networks

XWIRE™ Connect uses a clean and simple CRM-style GUI designed to speed message managing and alerting across popular mobile network applications.

The New Deep Web

Mobile social chat networks boast a high attachment and engagement rate – the ideal platforms for mass alerting, notification, and communication. XWIRE™ Connect provides real-time notification and communication features, including account management and end-user retention details.

Dedicated Interface

XWIRE™ Connect unifies and simplifies high-volume messaging. A single operator can send and receive alerts across multiple networks, utilizing custom messaging IDs.

Unlocking Mobile Chat

Increase end-user engagement with XWIRE™ Connect. Live communication features provide the ideal environment for talk-and-response, enhancing end-user experience.

Extending the WEBINT Lifecycle

A sleek end-user retention management interface archives key conversation points, producing system-wide notifications of points of interest.

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