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Real-Time Surveillance and Alerts

XWIRE™ Surveillance provides real-time streaming alerts based on geo-location and keyword searches. Advanced threat warning of phishing attacks and URL squatting. Facial recognition alerts based on partial image reconstruction provide an extra layer of assurance, automatically enhancing the database with investigatory findings.

XWIRE™ Surveillance is a mass surveillance system for WEBINT designed to provide early warning against suspicious online behavior that is likely to translate into negative offline events.

The XWIRE™ Surveillance module offers rapid-response tools, preparing your organization to respond instantaneously to developing trends.

Capture Movement and Transmission

Track profiles and concepts as they move across groups and forums. XWIRE™ Surveillance can follow trending topics from start to finish and deliver results spot-on in real-time.

Advanced Phishing Intelligence

With XWIRE™ Surveillance your intelligence analysts can spot phishing attempts in the planning stage, before damage is done.

Geobound Searches

XWIRE™ Surveillance module can pinpoint geo-targeted searches with high-resolution imagery and accurate lat/long.

Facial Recognition

Intelligent and quick facial recognition transforms a hunch into intelligence. XWIRE™ Surveillance delivers real-time, targeted alerts and enables customization of escalation rules to get intelligence to those who need it, fast.

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